Sunday, July 27, 2008

At last...

... I became a student.
Yes, I know, you've been waiting for this post.
So, here it is.
I got 92/100 for my English exam in the linguistic university. And thus I am the third in the list. Yes, I passed, of course.
And I made it to the MSU, where I've been dreaming to study since childhood.
Yup, I will go to the MSU. Though, this was a tough decision.
But this is how it is. Now I will have to get necessary documents, and this will be really over.
And 25th of August I will officially be a student of the best University in the State X)
I am kind of... happy now.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 24

Ok. This is the last day, actually.
Damn. I mean... damn. The previous exam for this university I wrote with one girl from courses. She sat just behind me. Today she told me she did not want to speak with me because I did not help her at the exam. She asked me about 30 times and I did not answer. Damn. I did not hear her. This is the person I would have helped if she asked me. Cause I like her. I mean, she's not my type, really, but she is not like "let's get drunk after exams!". And I've known her for 11 months now.
That hurts, but it hurts mentally. I know I would have helped her if only I heard she was asking for my help. But she does not. Damn. It is a misunderstanding, but what should I do?
When she told me about that I apologized. I said I did not hear, but she was like "Ah, yes, of course". Well, she did not want to speak with me, so I did not bother her. And eventually, our seats were on two different sides of the room. The exam was in sports gym so I'm not even sure if I can call it 'the room'. It is like she got about 70 points and I got 86,2.
Anyway, it is sad. Damn. I am growing up with tears in my eyes (Just kidding. Though, this is not a joke).
I am free now. Totally free. I'll rest for a while. And then, maybe tomorrow, I'll begin the Big Room Cleaning. Firstly, because I do it every year and, secondly, because I have not done it for quite a long time now. It's shameful. Hm, and thirdly, because I finished my school and I do not need all this stuff now.
So. This is the real end here.
I got the habit of writing in the blog every day =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 23

I did not go to the High School of Economics after all. I did some English tests and watched some nice episodes and ate fish under cheese with broccoli (yummy thing in spite of broccoli).
So that was a nice day. Tomorrow is my last exam, so this will be the end of logging, I suppose.
As soon as I know results, I'll write here. And then I think I will make a new blog, a student's blog. But I'll think about it later. Now - shower and sleep.
I hope I will be a student this year.
So, Good Luck everyone!
Hooray for the last exam!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 22

Well. What should I tell? I cried a lot today. So I slept (I always do that when I feel sad). But I slept quite a little. And my head does not hurt now. Though, my red eyes do.
Granny called twice. She asked me twice about the same things. Aha.
Well. I do not know. I won't go tomorrow to the High School of Economics. I'm not in right condition for the next exam now. But I'll prepare for English in MSLU.
Well. I tried a lot of things in my life. Looking back, I should say I did not manage to get what I really wanted. Why? Dunno. Because I did not try hard enough?
Well. Maybe I am just not worth it. Or maybe I am just offended.


I failed.
I mean, I got 50 points for history. Well, I really did not know what the Buligin's Parlament was.
My head hurts 'cause I cried for about an hour. More than an hour now.
Mom called. She stopped saying something like "as expected". She also said that she'll call again. Good. That's great, really. Now I can make a mistake. Hope, I won't.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 21

I forget things. I do, really.
My English sucks. I got only 80 points for it. I appealed and there were mistakes. Damn it. So, it is not right when I say "At history" when I mean a lesson at school? And think requires "about" and not "of"...
Tomorrow exam will determine my life. And I only learned till 17th century and I know 20th century erm... not good.
Today I talked to a lot of people. I'm making some social progress. Ah, I got acquainted with a guy who sure is studious X) (I'm sorry if you ever will read this, but you are kinda like that). Though, he did not give me such an impression.
And I spent many hours (or so it seemed) with a guy I've known for a little less than a month. He paid for a part of my ice-cream. lol. When he was getting of the carriage in the underground I thought he would kiss me for a second. Haha, I know you read this X) That's ridiculous, right?
So, now it is 83+67+45+80 = 275 And it is an average. I mean I asked about 10 people today. They all have more or less but around 300.
Oh my, I want to be a student already. But I can't believe this will end tomorrow. And I always get a worse mark than I hope for. Ehems.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 20

The day is not over yet.
Today I watched two episodes of new series - Dennou Coil and it was amazing for its idea.
Well, I did not learn a lot today, but I'm not done yet.
Tomorrow I will go to the University and see what's my mark for the English exam. If it is less than 90/100 I will definitely be angry. I'm going to appeal anyway.
So, today was frustration and I wanted to sleep and I did almost nothing but I gained some confidence. And I read a few comments on MSLU which were all negative. And I got best score in tetris today. So, I'll go and learn some more history now. I guess tomorrow I will live on caffeine.

The Impossible

What is "impossible"? It is a word. And nothing else. It can be impossible for you to walk if you do not have legs. It can be impossible for you to fly if you do not have wings.
But impossible is nothing when it comes for you, trying to pass exams. You do have a head and there is brain in it. So it is possible for you to learn the required information even if you have lots of material and little time.
It is possible. I have done it already. Many times before. I have learnt history in two days and got "good" at school a month ago. I just have to revise it and it will improve and I'll get "excellent" now. The day after tomorrow. I will get it. Because "impossible" is just a word.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 18&19

And again I skipped one day in this blog. Well, that is because... I don't know why.
Yesterday I tried to prepare for today's exam - I read some topics and essays from school notebooks. Today was English exam in the University. I hope, really-really hope that I will get a lot of points for it. *prays for the Holy Brain* Oh, please!
Yesterday I watched about half series FMP TSR because I came across with some spoilers that Chidore died there. That was not true, though. I mean, Sagara was told so, but that was not true. But I had to watch the second part of this series to know that. Haha, I am an otaku.
I have some problems with articles as you could have noticed (I have lots of problems with English, but that is the main one, I suppose).
Today I did not make it to the Academy for my first exam there. Actually, I did not want to go there. I just considered the University being my priority. Huh. I hope I made the right decision. After I got home I played Age of Empires II till my neck hurt. And then I ate a nice dinner with parents.
I have a history exam in the University on 22, and I should know the subject so damn good to get the highest points. On 23 there is Social Sciences (I don't know whether I'll go - it is for the High School of Economics). And on 24 there is big English test in MSLU for which I have to prepare, too. And to prepare damn good as well.
Ah, I will tell you about some experience that I gained today. I have left my bag in my dad's car and so I had with me only documents, a chocolate bar, pens and a bottle of water. So, I had no mobile phone. I finished my exam earlier and had to wait for my papa at the bus stop watching all the cars passing by me. That was funny to watch how every bus stopped for me, waited for a while to realise I won't get on it and left. I had to wait about half an hour or maybe a little more than twenty minutes. Having nothing with me and with an exhausted brain filling my head I ate the whole bar of chocolate. It was quite rare type - black chocolate with almond, squared. I suppose, you now know what german firm manufactured this chocolate (I like to say chocolatle for some reason). That's it. Always take with you something to eat and something to call.
By the way, I noticed that with every next exam I sleep better than the exam before. Though, it is hot now at nights and I can't help waking up because of the heat. Maybe I should get another blanket, not so winter-thick. Hm. I'll think about it. Last night there was lightning and thunder hitting really hard over the sky. It rained, of course. And guess what? I woke up only once at night and then fell asleep again. I sleep better. Nerves become stronger, I guess. Before the first exam I could not sleep well. And now it is ok for me. But I still do not like waking up so early. Neither do I like to get up late.
Two days to re-learn history beginning from tomorrow. I am going to enter, really enter this old University with broken seats in auditoriums and professors who can't answer your questions without laughing at you. Or maybe I'll reconsider that and get somewhere else. I'll see later.